Biodegradable and Bulletproof: Modeling cellulose nanocrystals for success in the real world

A new model that predicts the properties of nanocellulose composites could lead to improved nanotechnology for all.

Rarely do the findings of child development and peace building intersect. Yale researchers are leading a conversation about how interventions targeted to children can create a more peaceful world

How to Dose Antibiotics

The development of antibiotic resistance is a mounting issue in healthcare. A recent study shows that the dosage of antibiotics that should be used in order to minimize the rise of resistance depends on competition between bacterial strains.

Q&A: How Does Caffeine Affect Your Internal Clock?

A double espresso shot delays the human circadian clock by an average of 40 minutes. How does
the most widely used psychoactive drug — caffeine — affect our internal timekeeping?

Collective Intelligence: How Insect Swarms Respond to External Stimuli

A team of Yale researchers has demonstrated how a seemingly random insect mating swarm responds to external stimulus through intelligent group fluctuations.

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