Debunking Science: The Martian (2015)

How does science match up with the story of this critically-acclaimed sci-fi film?

Q&A: How Does Caffeine Affect Your Internal Clock?

A double espresso shot delays the human circadian clock by an average of 40 minutes. How does
the most widely used psychoactive drug — caffeine — affect our internal timekeeping?

Portobello Power: Mushrooms make for environmentally friendly batteries

A new type of battery is inexpensive and environmentally friendly, with improved lifetime and performance. The secret to these advantages lies in its anode derived from the skin of a portobello mushroom.

How is Dust Affecting the California drought?

The future of the drought crisis in California may depend on an unlikely factor — dust.

Science or Science Fiction? Making Virtual Reality a Reality

How do you define reality? For Neo in The Matrix, this is a hard question.

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